Monday, February 26, 2018

New Beginnings

About two months have passed since I purchased the Kraken and our journey together began.  After bringing him home I discovered some that perhaps the Kraken was possibly possessed or he had electrical problems.

We went to my mechanic and I introduced them to one another.  My mechanic was perplexed as to why I would buy an older van, you see, the Kraken was born in March 2, 1995.  (He has a birthday coming up.)

After a weeks stay with my mechanic he called me with bad news.  Mice had been living in the Kraken and had chewed on some wiring.  There was nothing they could do as they were not an automotive electrical shop.

I searched and searched and found many electrical automotive shops who only changed batteries and alternators, until finally I found a shop on Facebook no less.  They had great reviews and seemed to know what they're doing and so I called up and made an appointment.

Long story short, they discovered the Kraken needed a new brain and had two bad batteries.  A brain was ultimately located and the Kraken, like Frankenstein before him, had a brain transplant.  I brought him home bought him new batteries and his possession seems to have been exorcised.

Now on to the interior...

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