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Monday, November 23, 2020

A Broken Winged Dancingbird

I've put off mentioning this in public much but I felt I needed to explain my Christmas absence to my faithful patrons and why, I'm sorry to say, but I won't be doing a Christmas show this year in my beloved Manhattan Kansas.

Due to COVID19 my glass business slowed to a crawl and I took a job to make ends meet, it was my first one in many, many years. I went to work in the garden center of a local big box home improvement store. 

I schlepped somewhere between 6-12 tons of mulch, dirt, manure, concrete, sand, rocks, bricks, lumber, et cetera daily, while walking an average of 16 miles at work to do it. 

As a result I suffered a pretty severe spinal injury this last summer. I have been under the care of a neurosurgeon, physical therapist, and pain specialist since the end of July. 

My prognosis isn't good. I may or may not be able to return to my passionate career of glassblowing.  Only time will tell that particular story.

I simply can't do production work any more.  No matter what I've tried in terms of setup and how I've tried to accommodate my new physical condition, the reality is, much to my despair, that I simply can't do what I once did.

I don't know what the distant future holds for me or my passion but I am finally coming to the realization that in the near future, the Dancingbird's wings have been broken and he can no longer fly.

When it's too tough for everyone else, it's just right for me.  I know I'll find a way to get through this and ultimately thrive in one way or another.  My faith is strong and with God, all things are possible and all things work for the ultimate good.

So folks, be safe out there this holiday season.  Life can change in a flash and when you least expect it.  Wear a mask!  It's such an easy thing to do and it'll keep your nose warm this winter!