Friday, November 24, 2017

Bear Mountain Apparition

A happening from several years ago November 24, 2012...

I live on Bear Mountain in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Tonight I was enamored with the evening fall sky and thought I’d take a few pictures off of our front deck which looks down the mountain into the woods. There’s nothing in the woods except trees really, no structures or anything man made that is. Just beyond the trees in the front yard it drops off from a ledge and then slopes and meanders eventually down to a creek but even on the best of days you can’t see that from the house.

Tonight after I shot several pics and downloaded them on my computer I was looking at which ones to keep and which ones to discard. I’m not the best photographer around but usually half of my shots come out as passable with a very few coming out very good. I noticed one of two shots I took in almost rapid succession that displayed something strangely different. They were shot a couple seconds apart, just enough for me to change the frame just a little bit.

In the first picture there was nothing out of the ordinary and in the second one there was what looked to be like a glowing face (male?) with a distinct halo. Now, I must point out that I have never in my life ever captured anything on film that was remotely paranormal and it hasn’t been for lack of interest on my part but I’m just not your camera toting ghost hunting kind of person.

I also must tell you that Eureka Springs Arkansas is one of the most haunted places in the country, so say the folks who are in the know, whoever they are! We have the Crescent Hotel which is on the national register of haunted places and apparitions are seen all over the area with some frequency. I myself have never seen any and believe me, as children we looked! We did feel cold spots and such but never any kind of corporeal manifestations. I even stayed the weekend in the most haunted rooms at the Crescent to no avail.

But tonight, I think that all changed…

Look at these two pictures. I hope they uploaded to the blog as clearly as they show on my computer. If you look in the lower right quadrant of the second picture you will see the apparition. If you look closely, and the quality holds on the website, you should be able to make out a face, a strong hairline, and a definitive halo. Maybe a saint?! Who knows but it has sparked my enthusiasm!

Here’s the picture with the apparition.

This third picture is a cropping that I did of the apparition. It shows up okay but there is some digital distortion. I’m not an expert at dealing with digital pictures and I apologize for my lack of ability. Maybe, just maybe, if you look hard enough you can see what I’m talking about. Click on the picture and you can view it full size and zoom in to see what I see.

Well, there you have it, my experience with an apparition on Bear Mountain in Eureka Springs Arkansas. I’ll be keeping my camera by the door and shooting lots of frames as time allows. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch something else. Tomorrow I’ll go chat with some of the old timers and see what they may know about the history here on Bear Mountain!